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It's Here! The Cover for SILENT NIGHT THREAT!

I just received the final artwork for my November 2017 release, SILENT NIGHT THREAT, so I wanted to share it with you here!

Silent Night Threat by Michelle Karl 


None of her training prepares astronaut Natasha Stark for what she wakes up to a week after her groundbreaking space voyage: a target on her back—and no memories. But there's something oddly familiar about the FBI agent who rescues her. Christopher Barton can't believe he drew the mission of safeguarding his long-ago fiancée and her daughter—a child he has every reason to believe is his. To learn the truth, though, he has to help Natasha regain her memory. But with threats mounting against the family he hopes to join, Chris is running out of time to take down the assailants before they kill the woman he never forgot and the child he never knew existed.



The story hits shelves in a little over 4 months! I had a lot of fun writing this book and I can't wait to share it with you. And if you've read OUTSIDE THE LAW, there's a little tie-in that I'm excited for readers to discover... wink

Come Learn With Me!

Curious about writing category romance? Wonder no longer! Come learn the ins & outs & everything in between with my online course offered through Savvy Authors: Crafting the Category Romance with Michelle Karl.
It runs from July 3rd - 30th, $30 with Savvy Authors Premium membership and $40 with Basic membership.
Here's the description from the course page: 

What is a "category romance” novel and what sets it apart from other romance novels? And why would anyone want to write one?

In this workshop, participants will learn about the ingredients necessary to craft an engaging, entertaining and effective category romance novel. These delicious, trope-and-hook heavy stories—which range from sweet to super sexy—follow established formulae that also allow room for plenty of author creativity, delivering readers the HEAs they want within the comforting framework of their favorite "category.”

We’ll learn how to identify a category romance, what goes into writing one, common mistakes to avoid, and try our hand at crafting a fantastic first page, an enticing first chapter, and discuss tips on breaking into the category romance market.

A weekly assignment will ensure that participants complete the workshop with not only a better understanding of category romances, but also ready to write one!

Hope to see you in the (online) classroom soon! lol