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As with my previous releases, I hopped over to The Suspense Zone for an interview with Susan Sleeman -- this time around, I talk about my latest book, story theming, and share something most people don't know about me! wink
Head on over for the full scoop!
And while you're there, don't forget to enter the giveaway for a copy of WILDERNESS PURSUIT! Today is the last day to enter!

In case you haven't had enough of Mounties yet...

"But Michelle," you're saying, "didn't you JUST have a book release?"

Well, yes. On Tuesday! You can find it on shelves now! But the gears at Harlequin never stop turning, so here's my cover for my August release, which I'm sharing now since you can see it on Amazon already and I want to feel like I still have some sort of control here. ????


(Don't worry, it's going to be in regular print too, this is the only version of the cover I have right now!)


WILDERNESS PURSUIT Launch Day... and My 5th Book!

Three years ago from yesterday was my debut release from Love Inspired Suspense... and today is the release date of my fifth book! How did that happen?!

Thank you, readers, for your continued support. I hope you love WILDERNESS PURSUIT, book #1 of the Mountie Brotherhood series!