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Facing Your Fears on "Just Romantic Suspense"

I'm blogging today over at Just Romantic Suspense, talking about facing your fears... well, sort of. wink
Visit and comment for a chance to win a copy of FATAL FREEZE! The giveaway closes Saturday at midnight.

Interview on The Suspense Zone

Today I was interviewed by Susan Sleeman for The Suspense Zone: All Suspense, All the Time!

She has a number of interviews up from various authors, so if you have the time, check out a few of those as well. Maybe you'll meet a new favorite! 
The site is also running a month-long giveaway, so if you missed a chance to win a copy of FATAL FREEZE during the Online Release Party or the GoodReads giveaway, you have another chance. Check that out right HERE
Thanks to Susan for hosting. Come check the interview out HERE!

Debut Author Interview on!

I was interviewed by Harlequin's Debut Author spotlight for April. Pop in and say hello, and tell me who you'd have lunch with if you could choose anyone. Fictional characters count too!

It's a Killer Voices Release Party!

Starting at 11am, we'll have guest authors, giveaways, and plenty of book-related discussion all day long.
Join for a half hour or all day! I'll be hosting the 2:30-3pm shift and giving away a copy of FATAL FREEZE.
Hope you can join us! Click here to join the Facebook Party: YAY BOOKS!

Simply Books Magazine Feature

Three of us with debuts coming this April were featured in this month's Simply Books Magazine! The feature was written up by my fantastic editor, Emily Rodmell. You can follow her on Twitter HERE

GoodReads Giveaway!

Are you on GoodReads? I just started a giveaway for FATAL FREEZE and it's open until March 12th! Enter! Share the giveaway with others! Add the book to your "to-read" list! You know, all that fun stuff I'm supposed to tell you to do. lol

PS: If you're not on GoodReads, don't worry... there will be other giveaway opportunities between now and April!

Author Talk: Dream Dates!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Reader Service Blog asked a number of Harlequin authors what their dream date would be... I got to answer, along with many other fellow authors.
Come on over and check it out, and then leave a comment on the post telling us what your dream date would be!

Come Visit Me on Seekerville

Today the Killer Voices crew is being hosted by the lovely ladies of Seekerville! They interviewed us about the Killer Voices pitch event and how things have gone for us since getting "The Call." 
Come say hello & chat with us! The comment section on Seekerville is always a lively place. smiley

It’s a Cover Reveal Party!

Yay!!! The day has arrived, time to show off our debut covers to the world!!!

Truth be told, the covers have been up on Amazon for a few weeks now, but *shhhh* we're just going to pretend that this is the first time we've all seen them. And really, this way you get to see all three of the April "Killer Voices" cover debuts at the same time. Oooh, convenient!

These three covers below are all for April releases, but keep scrolling to the bottom of the post for more info on the other three Killer Voices debuts coming later this year too.

So, here we go!

Fatal Freeze by Michelle Karl


Doesn't it make you feel cold just looking at it?! Brrrr… have I mentioned I don't like cold weather??? Here's the synopsis, in case you haven't had a chance to read it yet:

CIA agent Shaun Carter is on the trail of an international crime ring, and the sudden appearance of a woman from his past could jeopardize his mission. Missing persons investigator Lexie Reilly's search for a missing teen has put her in the criminals' crosshairs. Joining forces to take down this ring is their only chance of survival. Shaun vows to keep the beautiful investigator out of harm's way and help her find the lost girl. But when their ferry becomes icebound, they are trapped at sea with killers who will stop at nothing to keep them from discovering their secrets.
And now for the next two debuts!

Royal Rescue by Tammy Johnson


I love the locket on this one! Very intriguing. Here's the synopsis from Amazon:

Hidden away for more than fourteen years, Thea James was presumed dead by most—killed in the fire that burned the royal palace. But Ronin Parrish knows the truth…and so does the person who murdered Thea's father, the king. Ronin takes his new duty as Thea's bodyguard seriously. After all, she's the only one who can clear his father of the king's murder. It doesn't matter that the princess's beauty and strength draw him to her. To a commoner like him, she can never be more than a mission. Now he's in a race to restore the princess to her rightful place on the throne before the unknown killer prematurely ends her reign.


You can check out Tammy's website here and learn more about her writing.

Presumed Guilty by Dana R. Lynn


Oooh, eerie! Creepy forest, rushing river… *shudder* Here's the synopsis from Amazon:

After four years in prison for a crime she didn't commit, Melanie Swanson's finally free. Yet starting over brings a heavy load of challenges. Nearly everyone believes she's guilty—including police lieutenant Jace Tucker. Jace's certainty cracks only when Melanie is repeatedly attacked, and when the people around her are picked off one by one. Melanie's clearly innocent—and terrified. Someone wants her dead to keep her shattered memories from recalling the crime she witnessed rather than caused. She lost her friends, her fiancé and her freedom when she was found guilty—but proving her innocence could cost Melanie her life.


You can check out Dana's blog here and learn more about her upcoming story. 

And there you have it! The cover reveal for the first three Killer Voices debuts. I hope you've been intrigued... but wait, there's more! No covers yet, but here are the other three Killer Voices and their release dates:

Thanks for celebrating with us today!


Social Media Madness!

Just a quick note to say that I’ve set up both Facebook and Twitter accounts for Michelle Karl! While this blog is a way for us to chat long-form, it’s more passive on your end… so to connect with me on a more immediate basis, follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

The links are all around on the website, but you can also just clicky here for Facebook or here for Twitter.

See you there!