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Covert Justice -- Killer Voice Debut #5

Here we go again! It's time for the fifth Killer Voices debut author to see all her hard work come to fruition in a real, tangible book! Lynn Huggins Blackburn's Covert Justice is on store shelves this month. 
I've had the joy of getting to know Lynn a little bit over the past few months through social media and our Killer Voices crew, and here are three things I know about her:
1) She loves CrossFit!
2) She recently(?) participated in a Whole30 challenge.
3) She has an adorable family that she's wholly dedicated to.
And a fourth thing? Christ's love really does shine through her interactions online, and I can have no doubt she lives out her love for Jesus on a daily basis.
Happy debut month, Lynn!
You can check out the listing for Covert Justice here, and it should be at your local retailers right now!