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Crafting Fun

Do you like crafting? This past year, I discovered a new (for me) type of crafting called "felting.” The basic idea is that you take pieces of wool roving, then poke them repeatedly with a needle until the fibres intertwine enough to firm up… and then add more wool as needed while you continue poking to give shape to the object.

Recently, I finished my second felting project. Right now I’m using felting kits, but it’s more typical to use patterns out of books and buy the colors of wool that you need separately.

The needles used are very sharp, so there are also little plastic caps to wear on your fingertips—like silicone thimbles!—to avoid stabbing yourself by accident. Or before you know better… not that I have any experience with that… o_O

Have you tried any new crafts this year? Or do you have a specific type of craft you like to relax with?