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Monday Morning Musings

I'm great at planning.

I can make plans for days. Months! Years! I can list every step and see it in my mind's eye, knowing exactly where my target is and how to reach it.
Actually pulling off the plan? 
Uh. Let's just say, in an Ocean's Eight situation, I'd be handing off the actual leadership duties ASAP. It's not that I can't do it -- I definitely can -- but once I see everything laid out in front of me, I get overwhelmed. Too many steps. Too much room for error. Too much energy needed that I suddenly can't summon.
Potential medical reasons for this aside (not a discussion I want to get into!), the fact that I now know this about myself and how I function means I've started to acknowledge where my processes need to change.
Part of me wanted to jump back into this blog and site with a bunch of huge announcements and promises about upcoming projects. I realize now that's... probably not going to serve you OR me in the long run. 
I do still have targets and plans, yes. But I'm trying to keep them tighter and more focused. If I can hit the short-term targets, then I can slowly expand my vision. Learn what's manageable. Figure out how I can deliver you amazing stories that I'm excited to write and you're excited to read. 
That said, I will let you know very soon about what's first up! And please stay tuned for an official newsletter sign-up in the near future. I realize blogs aren't the best way to get info these days and it's easy to miss news and announcements, so I want to offer a better vehicle to connect with you. I'll post everywhere once that's ready!
In the meantime, let me know how YOU like to plan! Do you make weekly or monthly or even yearly plans for yourself? Are you more of a daily to-do list kind of person, or do you live free of all constraints and take on the challenge of each moment as it comes?