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New Release Day!

Today's the day!
My latest book, OUTSIDE THE LAW, is a March 2017 release... and if you're a fan of the TV show Quantico, or if you enjoyed my previous release UNKNOWN ENEMY and wanted to know more about the fictional country of Amar featured in that title... then you might want to pick this one up!
OUTSIDE THE LAW was inspired by my editor's request for heroes / heroines at the beginning of their careers (ie. FBI Academy, etc) and her love of shows like Quantico & wanting to see things like that... so I came up with this concept and here we are!
Here's the description (it's on the book page too):

When her apartment is besieged by masked gunmen, Yasmine Browder's convinced it's tied to her investigation into her brother's "accidental" death three weeks ago. Narrowly escaping, she flags down the car of a passerby she thought she'd never see again—her childhood crush. Unlike the local police, newly minted FBI agent Noel Black doesn't believe the attack is a coincidence, especially when the attempts on her life don't stop. Yasmine's onto the truth about her brother, and someone powerful wants her dead. With nobody to trust and just days out of training, Noel must find a way to keep her alive…because now that he's found Yasmine, he refuses to lose her again.
Hope you enjoy the story! Happy reading!